Baby Flying Teaspoons

Baby Flying Teaspoons

Recommended for infants and pre-walkers

Encourage your child’s uniqueness and creativity from the very start of life. Songs emerge magically as your baby discovers, plays and interacts with others. Musical connections nurture and deepen relationships between parent / caregiver and baby and friends.

Joanne’s CD The Flying Teapot is used along with traditional and multicultural music. There’s movement, instrument play, balls, scarves, connections and fun! You’ll be amazed at your child’s own expression. Joanne’s vision is to create joyful and nurturing musical experiences for young children.

Libby Gustafson writes:
“My son has been going to Flying Teaspoons since he was 3 months old. At 16 months now, it is his favorite part of the week. He is learning words to his favorite songs, loves to drum, and dances up a storm! Joanne is gifted in working with infants and toddlers. She is skilled at running a developmentally appropriate class, which can be hard to find. She listens to and watches the children, and tailors each class to the needs of the group that day. We LOVE Flying Teapot!!!!”

Rachel Berezin Knight writes:
“My one-year-old and I have been attending Flying Teaspoons for about 4 months now. We both really LOVE it! He absolutely adores Joanne and I love the mix of structure and free play with the instruments that the class provides. We are definitely going to continue with Flying Teaspoons/Teapots for as long as we can.”