from Ang:

“Your class is so much fun, and such a breath of fresh air! You are very good at encouraging free play and creativity while walking the fine line of trying to limit undesirable behaviors. The class in your house feels so much more intimate and personal than classes at the church, which in hindsight now seemed too cavernous for the little bodies and voices. And the big soft carpet is so nice to sit on considering we are always on the floor with little ones. WELL DONE.”

Musical Playgroups

Musical Playgroups are for ages 20 months to 3 years, and are fun, provide social interaction and encourage independence. Because they are small groups, Joanne listens to each child and tunes in to their play. Playgroups include playtime, music and movement, story time and snack so your child benefits from a well balanced learning experience. Families learn about the day’s activities in a post with photos included.