Mature Babies / Toddler Flying Teapot

Mature Babies/Toddler Flying Teapot

Recommended for walkers to 24 months

Is your child a lover of music and movement? Encourage your child as a music creator. Songs and movement emerge out of the spontaneous interests of your child. Joanne’s own CD recording The Flying Teapot, featuring her wonderful, original and whimsical songs, as well as multicultural and traditional music is used.

Sara Bailer writes:
“I love how as soon as the children come in, Joanne notices something about them and then something magical happens. It could be the shirt they’re wearing and she’ll make a song about it. If it’s a song about a cat, we’ll walk like cats, pretend we have tails, climb and meow. Joanne lets the children explore, examine and question the instruments. What happens when we use this mallet on that instrument or when we put bean bags on the drum? In a nutshell, we never know the ‘adventure’ that will happen when we come to class, but we know that we will have GREAT TIME!”

Sherilyn Saporito writes:
“Going to Joanne’s is the highlight of our week. It’s a small group, so each child gets individual attention and has a chance to explore his or her interests. One child may go after the basket of stuffed cats, Joanne will sing a song about it and the other kids will join in. The next child may request the ever popular ‘Train Song’ and everyone will join in chugging around the room. The children have freedom to explore and always have an amazing time.”

Amy Wenger writes:
“I have such happy memories of Joanne Riel’s classes when my youngest child was a toddler. My daughter is now singing and dancing on stage and her existence is enriched because of the joy she gets from music. This in no small part because of the classes with Joanne. My daughter didn’t just sit back and enjoy songs, she interacted with music and it became a huge, integral part of her life. I can’t recommend Joanne and her classes enough, but only if you want your child to love music and poetry (lyrics).”