Musical Playgroups

Musical playgroup

Musical Playgroups are for ages 20 months to 3 years, and are fun, provide social interaction and encourage independence. Because they are small groups, Joanne listens to each child and tunes in to their play. Playgroups include playtime, music and movement, story time and snack so your child benefits from a well balanced learning experience. Families learn about the day’s activities in a post with photos included.

Julie Stevenson writes:
“My two-year-old son was part of a three-week musical playgroup with Joanne and loved it. And I enjoyed being the parent volunteer and watching him dance, sing and play with instruments. He bonded with the two other kids in the group and learned to share and interact more easily with others. I saw a lot of growth in just three weeks. Joanne makes music fun and she really tunes in to what the children are doing and thinking. She’s organized and flexible and able to go with the two-year-old flow. I’m looking forward to more classes with Flying Teapot.”

Mich Solomon writes:
“Our two year old son took part in Flying Teapot’s drop off musical playgroup this summer and absolutely loved it. This was his first time being left with “strangers” and he did not miss me for a minute! She used the things he loved the most to create an atmosphere of fun learning. Joanne is flexible and knows how to interact with and keep children engaged.”